CR69+ Crane

An efficient andhigh-performance crane with an 8.5 m range, 67 kNm gross lifting moment, and 19kNm turning force. The crane’s lifting capacity is 4 m / 870 kg, 390 kg at the maximum extent.

Product description

The updated CR69+crane creates efficiency and high performance with stronger cylinder. The crane range is 8.5 m, gross lifting moment 67 kNm and turning force 19 kNm. A robust and powerful die cast gear house. The oil drain cap makes maintenance easy.Standard equipment includes welded installation sockets for a crane winch and electrically controlled valve on the side of the crane boom. The crane’s standard equipment also includes a lift cylinder cover. Adjustable slide pieces in the sides.

The wood crane has flap down legs. The flap down legs create a sturdy basis for using the crane when the legs are in the downward position. An appropriate leg structure and the legs’ long head board provide excellent stability during tilting. There are cylinder covers on both sides of the legs. Bidirectional lock valves. All cranes have the same 175 mm x 175 mm bolt pattern in the slewing unit.

Possible add-ons:

  • Crane winch with radio control

Product information
Gross lifting torque (kNm)
Slewing torque (kNm)
Weight (kg)
Lifting capacity at max. extent (kg)
Control valve options
Mechanic, Pre-hydraulic, Electric, Remote control
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